Yes, The Sun Is Dimming

FOX News confirms what I have been predicting for more than 30 years, that it is time for another “Grand Climate Minimum” if not another “Little Ice Age.

At the moment huge amounts of Asian soot and fly ash are holding down Arctic sea ice formation. With a bit more than a month until Arctic sea ice maxiimum with arctic ice standing at 13,880,000 kilometers, and mean Arctic temperature swingting between -35 and -20F as blasts of frgid air from the Arctic are replaced by warmer air frm the tropics and temperate zones, the Arctic is a bit warmer than usual, while the Northern Hemisphere is below normal for the date.

Of course, 40 years ago I had no clue to the massive amounts of heat holding pollution, nor of Asian nation’s plans to bring an unscrubbed stack form a power plant that oculd furnish power for the San Diego area on line every two weeks for years on end.

According to scientists who have given the data an honest evaluation, the Sun will be near minimum brightness by 2030 or with a few years of that date.

Drawing my own curves, I come up with 2026 to 2032, with the most likely year 2029. But that is from historical data, not from theory, so I could be off a year or six. And the only thing w4 can be certain of is that we will need tean heated long john’s before the cold goes away.

Spring is a good time to hit the sales, and hey sure will not do you any good if someone else buys the stores out.


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