Yes,, The Lady Makes Her Point: “Armed People ARE Harder To Lynch”

Breotbart reports syndicated radio host Stacy Washington made a powerful point in connection with carrying a defensive weapon.

Briefly quoting the Breitbart report linked above:

…talk show host Stacy Washington pointed out that armed people are harder to lynch and she expounded on the helplessness blacks faced when Democrats disarmed them during the Jim Crow era.

Give the lady the loving cup, she put that one in the center of the bullseye.

Lynching has gone out of style; my wife and I were almost newly weds when what has repeatedly described as America’s last lynching took place. But a woman is fifteen times more likely to be successful y raped if they are not carrying than if they are. The numbers vary with the crime, but a woman is one quarter as likely to be robbed if she is carrying, and assault against an armed woman is rare.

“Armed gays don’t get bashed,” armed homeowners don’t get robbed, and yes, back in the day, armed black people did not get lynched. Amd tje tritj be tp;d. tjat ;ast fact is one of reasons the Democrats and the bed sheets wanted Black and Indian Americans disarmed.

Incidentally, Ms. Washington sounds like a lady worth listening to:


NB: The Post Dispatch is is notorious for its anti-gun position, and is a flagship outlet for Lee Media, which has never seen a gun ban it did not like.


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3 Responses to Yes,, The Lady Makes Her Point: “Armed People ARE Harder To Lynch”

  1. Wu Chang says:

    She was the ONLY local conservative writer in the Post Dispatch Editorial sandbox.

    In typical biased fashion, they manufactured a ‘controversy’, then applied their kangaroo court decision to suspend her.

    When she quit rather than accept the biased liberal judgement, that was the last straw for many subscription holders.

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks for confirming what I suspected Wu Chang. Lee seems ot be finding cause to shove their other outlets to the ultra left as well. The Lincoln Journal Star,for one. That is regrettable, but a someone who lives within an hours drive of the Bear says, “You have to admire the way the Socialists stick up for their own.”


  3. Stranger says:

    Morning, Wu Chang: Personally, I put him down as a fifth columnist back when he first went to Congress, so apparently we agree on that as well.


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