Would You React Well In A Shootout?

Tis posts title is a rhetorical question, because no one knows how they will react in a shootout, or in some other time of great peril, until they have survived that danger at least once.

On the other hand, those who react poorly to a sudden danger are few and far beetween – provided the person suddenly called upon to deal with danger has the necessary tools to do that feat.

If you actually read the papers, you will see case after case in which a citizen rose to the occassion and performed magnificently. And once in a long time, you will see a report of someone who ran away.

From those reports, collected for more than 50 years, the man with a gun and a little time to become proficient has a better than 80 percent probability of emerging from a gunfight unscathed, and with “his man down.”

If that dangerous emergency happens in a place familiar to the defender, the probability of a successful conclusion rise sharply.

so do not let the gun ban lobby and their prediction that you will cut and run aat the first sign of danger – and that a violent aggressor will run you down, take your gun, and kill you with it. That is one thing that does nto seem to happen.

But increase the odds by becoming “quick on the draw,” and practice “snap” or “instinct shooting,” getting your first shot off without taking time to do more than point your gun aat an assaailant.

do practice keeping close watch for threats.

And do watch for things that would screen your hands as you draw – even other people.

And when you have your “draw and fire” routine down to the point of dealing with an assailant at ten feeet or less you will have a better than 90 percent chance of defending yourself from one of the “Your money and your life” set that have gotten so common lately.


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