Woman Shoots Burglar, Sparks Gun Control Debate

Israel is th last place on earth one would expect restrictive gun laws, but they have them. The Jerusalen Post reports an an elderly holocaust survivor discovered a two home invader and plugged them, setting off a gun control debate.

Briefly quoting the Jerusalem Post report linked above:

The suspects, ages 30 and 34, are from Tulkarm, not far from Beit Yitzhak in the Palestinian Authority. “An initial investigation by police officers revealed that a homeowner on Sadot Road in Moshav Beit Yitzhak heard noises in his house. When he entered the room, he noticed two suspects with burglary tools in their hands,” police said on Monday night. “The owner of the house fired at them. One person was killed and the other was evacuated to the hospital in moderate condition.”

At 82, the unnamed victim would have been born in 1935, just in time to see his family stripped of their wealth and possessions, the taken with his family to a labor camp to be starved and abused until they died. That citizen has seen more grief and misery resulting from gun control that any human language can express.

And now a couple of baddies leave their own territory and try to victimize the veteran. One gets some serious pain, one ges a shroud. They were old enough to know better, a danger to every victim, and one paid the debt we all owe the Creator.

And only ONE member of the Knesset speaks up in favor of softening gun laws? That is a head scratch er.

Given the history, it seems that things have certainly changed since the days of the Maccabees.


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