Wisconsin, The Cost Of Gun Control

such crimes he next State in our “Cost of Gun Control” series is the “Badger State,” the beautiful State of Wisconsin .

For those who are not familiar with this series, The primary purposes of this series is to first, to raise the issue of the overall cost of gun control in lives lost, personal and property damage, extra security, prisons, and so on.

The secondary purpose is to establish as many points of identity between gun control legislation in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia.

Bordering Minnesota on is West, Michigan’s Upper Penunesula on the Noorth East, facing Micigan across lake Michigan, and Illinois, particularly Chicago on the South, and Iowa on the Southwest, 5,800,0000 people have a wide range of situatiitions, and for most part an extremely low set of crime rates.

Before we get down to business, we do need to tack cae of a few items necessary for a full understanding of the data, and wher eit leads us.
Beginning with your ability to verify the numbers mentioned here. You can either consult the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, The convenient website linked here will do that job This convenient spreadsheet maintained by the Disaster Center.

Economically,Wisconsin has a mean family income of $56,000 a year, placing it 23rd in the nation for familiy income. The Badger State has earned its nickname of “America’s Dairyland,” producing copious quantities of cheeses of distinction, or in a couple of cases, stink. The Badger Stte is also heavily into manufacturing from semiconductors to heavy equipment.

Demographically, Wisconsin’s population is comprised of 88.6% low crime population groups, and 11.4% higher crime rate population groups. This is in large part a consequence of the Badger State’s history as a “Progressive” stronghold.

Wisconsin gun laws are reasonably light, with no permit to purchase or possess. Wisconsin does have a Keep and Bear provision in the State Constitution. It is a must issue state, both for concealed and open carry permits. Wisconsin has preempted local gun laws, no magazine restrictions, and of course, quie low overall crime rates.

Especially before gun control reared its ugly head, as we shall see. In 1960, Wisconsin’s violent crime total of reported murders, rapes, robberies, and “aggravated assaults, was 1,261, out of a population of 4,022,000. In 2016, including 50 murders, ,5,800,000 Wisconsin residents reported 17.689 such crimes, including 226 murders.

In 1950, 22 of 50 murders, or 44 percent, were firearms related. In 2016, 166 of 226 or 82.3 percent of Badger State murders involved firearms.

With that, that you can verify the numbers given here in the individual FBI Uniform Crime Reports, in this convenient Disaster Center spreadsheet, lets look at the post 1960 history of gun control in Wisconsin.

With that, ti is time to look at the way Wisconsin’s violent crime numbers increased in lockstep with gun control campaigns and gun control legislation.

n 1960 Wisconsin authorities reported a total of 1,261 violent crimes to the FBI, a rate of 31.9 violent crimes per 100,000 population. That rate was very close to America’s historic violent crime rates before gun control hysteria swept the country in the 1904 to 1906 period.

1962: The entertainment industry, was faced wtih the possibility of being forced to resshoot or scrap programming “already in the can” and generating revenue from reruns Faced with a minimum cost of $50,000,000 for a reshoot, and financial disaster if they were forced to show those films overseas, the industry searched for a diversion.

President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 murder provided an exccuse for a gun ban campaign, which was funded on 30 November, 1963. That ear, Wisconsin LEA’s reported a total of 1,174 violent crimes to the FBI.

1964, the first full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, saw Badger State LEA’s reporte d a total of,762 violent cirmes to the FBI.

1968: the fifth full year of Hollywood’s gun ban c. mpaign and a half hundred State and local laws to “Do what Congress will not” had ad driven Wisconsin’s LEA reported violent cirme total to 2,948.

Congress did act in 1968, imposing the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, which put gun gun and ammunition purchaser registration into effect for the first time, and initiated other restrictions, including banning mail order firearms purchases. GCA’68 was in effect only a few days that year.

1969, the first full year of Federal gun control on top of State and local laws, Wisconsin LEA’s reported a total of 3,411 violent crimes to the FBI.

1973. th fifth full year of Federal gun control,Wisconsin ‘s LEA’s reported a total 5,273 violent crimes to the FBI.

As you can see from the chart below, the violent crime total peaked climbed during Handgun Control, Inc’s “Assault Weapons Ban” gun gan campaign, reaching 14,399 violent crimes to the FBI.

Since Wisconsin was one of the Sates where progress on relaxing or repealing restrictive gun laws was not taken until 209, te violent crime declined quite slowly, and began to rise again as criminal gangs began to infiltrate Madison and Milwaukee’s streets.

There was a brief pausse in the rise of violent crime when “Must Issue” License to carry began to be issued, but so ar the number of Badger State residents who habitually carry has remained below the five percent level needed to suppress crime. And of course, Bloomberg’s Everytown campaign has been upshing crime rates up to even higher levels.

All of that is clearly visible in the chart immediately below:

If you have been following this series on the cost of gun control, you can easily see that Wisconsin ‘s relativelly relaxed gun laws kept the State’s violent crime rates from soaring into the stratosphere, as States with more restrictive laws crime rates did.

Before we continue, there is one more chart we need to examine, Wisconsin’s murder rate:

The effects of every Wisconsin and national gun control law or campaign is eassy to see on the chart. The red columns on the right show what the Everytown gun ban drive has done to Wisconsin, and that is “nothing good.”

But even with that, Wisconsin’s crime rates still rose and fell in lockstep as restrictive gun laws were tightened and loosened. While the decline from 1995 to 2012 was slower that States that relaxed gun laws more quickly, there was still a substantial decline in the homicide rate.

Until Bloomberg’s Everytown gun ban campaign reversed the trend.

So just how much has gun control cost Wisconsin. Enough to buy a er large amount of cheddar or Limburger.

There are costs that I cannot estimate, the actual value of a given human life, the cost of loss of a parent, or many other things that are valuable but insubstantial.

I can peg the cost of an excess murder at the same price as a typical wrongful death settlement, $2,200,000. I can use offiical records or knolegeble estimates for the cost of disability, medical care, and other rleated expenses, along with lost income, property damaged, lost, or destroyed, and other tangible costs.

Using State numbers, since 1963, the total cost to Wisconsin residents for extra crime resulting from gun control adds up to a staggering $78,793,000,000; almost 79 billion dollars, spread over 54 years.And that total rises every time the sun sets.

At present, the annual cost of gun control too the people of Wisconsin is $2,480,000,000, or $425 per Wisconsin resident, or $1,270 fore every Wisconsin family.

Obviously, Wisconsin has been and is being asked to pay far too heavy a price for rendering citizens helpless in the face of armed criminal predation. No state should be asked to pay such a horrendous price in treasure and grief.

It is time for Congress to preempt all State and Federal laws that exceed current Federal law’s provisions; and to add a reasonable personal penlaty of at lest $100,000 a day for those who would attempt to enforce preempted laws or craft laws to evade preemption.


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