Will Remington Leave New York If Gun Bills Pass?

Someone stopped by searching for “remington to leave NY”

As it is, the search is subject to interpretation. searching for the most likely search, it has seemed to me that Cumo and the Democrats, aided and abetted by sellout Republicans, was intended to reduce opposition to a de facto gun ban.

If that was its aim, Cuomo’s SAFE ACT has succeeded admirably. I do not have a current list of new York based gun makers, but Kel-Tec and the other former New York Manufacturers seem quite happy with their new low-tax digs.

I am not a Remington board member, but Remington’s then owners said they chose to remain in upstate New York for essentially sentimental reasons.

Sentiment is a good and fine emotin, but it butters no bread.

Given the clear hostility of the governor and legislature, and the introduction of some of the world’s most restrictive gun laws, I would be packing today.

Remington has extensive manufacturing in low tax states where local governments are eager to give money in the form of tax credits away. Texas has no income tax. If the workforce is not loaded with journeyman machinists, It is amazing how many skilled machinists there are on the unemployment rolls.

So whatever happens, short of prompt rejection of the Democrats plan for the future, I expect that by President Trump’s second term, Ilion will no longer appear on Remington firearms.


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