Will President Trump Repeal The Lautenberg Amendment?

Someone came by searching for “trump repeal lautenburg amendment.”

Congress will not take action to repeal Lautenberg unless and until some vast miscarriage of justice occurs to light a fire under them.

Lautenberg is a monstrous law, but “protecting victims of domestic violence” sounds good.

So far as I can see, the courts may very well overturn Lautenberg but Congress is unlikely to to the people that service.


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4 Responses to Will President Trump Repeal The Lautenberg Amendment?

  1. Anonymous says:

    We need a civil war have for a long time

  2. Stranger says:

    Actually, all we need is honest elections. People who know they are they are wasting time voting the r highbinders out don’t bother trying to clean House. And the Senate.


  3. Mark says:

    I am a victim of the Lautenberg amendment. In 1998 I was convicted of domestic battery, with the woman who is now my wife. I am a combat veteran with no acts of violence prior to this incident or after. On the night of the incident my girlfriend came home and struck me while I was asleep and woke up swinging, then promptly went to jail for the weekend. My Battalion Surgeon and Chief strongly advised me not to fight this in court due to it being a misdemeanor and I was a few years shy of retirement. In 2015 I tried to purchase a weapon and found out that I was under a lifetime ban. I had fought for the rights of others only to have mine taken away. My wife can purchase a weapon but then I am now a FELON due to myself having access to. Do you think we are being over punished? I have no recoarse unless you know someone who can help.

  4. Stranger says:

    Thanks for the comment, Mark.

    There is a tremendous injustice in any law in which the defendant is “Guilty upon accusation,.” The more so in this crop of laws Bloomberg is paying for whose purpose is to end gun ownership by making felons of innocent people.

    The local Lautenbergs should be preemptedsince bad Federal law is better than worse State law – but that will not happen if there are more than 25 24 Democrats in the Senate and 100 in the House. So we have our work cut out for us.


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