“Why The Push To Ban ‘High Capacity Magazines?'”

Someone stopped by searching for “why the push to ban high capacity magazines?”

Primarily, because standard capacity magazines cannot be replaced quickly enough for most gun owners to avoid being entrapped by the law.

For example, New York’s Cuomo has just banned standard capacity magazines for some twenty million guns in his unfortunate State. Those guns range from virtually all .22 rifles that are not single shots to a few extended capacity shotguns. The industry does not have the capacity to manufacture sufficient quantities of low capacity magazines for more than a few of the thousands of different design magazines to take care of New York State’s needs.

Replacement magazines for the popular makes and models among the almost 400 million magazine fed guns in American’s hands would likely take a decade to tool up and manufacture in sufficient quantity. Since only a few gun owners would be able to comply with a standard capacity magazine ban, the left hopes most American gun owners will give up their guns instead of breaking the law.

So magazine capacity bans are no more than backdoor gun confiscation. And more of Obama’s ‘under the radar gun control.

What is the secondary reason? The left clearly realizes that if the German people had not been completely disarmed by the Treaty of Versailles the National Socialist German Workers Partei (NSDAP or NAZI Partei) would never have been able to seize control. They believe magazine fed firearms are military weapons that must be removed from civilian hands because they pose an immediate threat to their political goals.


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2 Responses to “Why The Push To Ban ‘High Capacity Magazines?'”

  1. Rob in Katy says:

    Exactly! There are no 7rd mags made today, it took me a while to figure out why 7? Well because if they said 10, there would be an existing supply and there would be no reason to give up your gun or for them to arrest you.

  2. So, since most of the mags I own for my 1911 are 7 shot, thus “legal” in NY. will having seven in the mag and one in the schnoz make it illegal? Will that 8th round make me do unspeakably evil things?

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