It is still supposed to be a “free country,” so everyone can use whatever holster they like. The “hell box” of discarded holsters at La Casa Extrano has a couple of dozen rigs of various sorts – but there’s one sort it does not have. Here’s why:

I do own and use the semi-rigid fabric holsters, particularly for a Charter OWB rig that I sometimes wear when the alarm company calls about the alarm at my business. I went through several before I found one that suited me – and I don’t even remember who made it.

But that does not mean I am particularly fond of them. I much prefer leather. Given decent treatment, leather will last an amazingly long time, retain its shape, and is usually soft enough to conform to my shape instead of forcing me to conform to the holsters shape. Somehow, I don’t conform all that well.

What sort of leather holster? That depends on what I am doing. I have been wearing Michael at the Holster Shop’s Executive (which I paid for) for some time now. I asked Michael for a PPK holster and his Executive works great.


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