Why Is There Crime In Poor Neighborhoods?

Someone came by searching for “why is there crime in poor neighborhoods.”

It really takes only two factors to create a high crime neighborhood, and neither have much to do with wealth. The first is neighborhood tolerance of crime and criminals. If the people will not keep their streets clean they will pay the price – and the police will pick up the bodies.

The second is closely linked to that, opportunity. Crime is a lifestyle choice, and that lifestyle is much more attractive as well as easier to get into when a prospective criminal “knows someone in the trade.”

If a neighborhood tolerates criminal activity, they will lose an increasing percentage of its young people to criminal lifestyles. Of course, in many instances, the distressed parents and victims are not allowed to defend themselves, their property, their neighbors, or their neighbors property by governmental fiat.

Chicago’s ‘hoods are an example, as are LA’s barrios, Maryland and Massachusetts, and so on.


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