Why Don’t We Give More Attention To Rape?

“Investigator,” who left a badge number instead of a handle, asks why we do not give more attention to rape.

Essentially because of the lack of reliable “incident data.”

We know quite a bit about rape, starting with the fat that the crime is more properly described as a violent hate crime instead of a sex crime; that victims are almost equally divided by gender, that only about three percent of assaults on an intended victim succeed: that unless the victim gets plenty of tlc from family, friends, and the community they are likely to be scarred for life; – and that between 1 rape in 6 and one rape in 22 is reported to the police.

It is that last factor that stymies us. We have no good way to estimate the actual number of rapes from the fraction reported to the police, we cannot build a defensible statistical case.

So we include the number reported to the police in the overall crime numbers, but try to avoid substantive discussions of the number of forcible sexual assaults.

And about all I can add to that is something a nurse told me once, that “A day of loving care beats a year of just nursing.” If one of yours is a victim, pay them a lot of attention, and help them heal.

And do remember that fear of the situation getting out of their control is one of the rape victim’s greatest fears. A present of a suitable gun and some face time teaching a victim to defend themselves will pay off in better mental health.


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