Why Does Northam Push Gun Bans? Money

If you are explloring the news, it is hard to miss the shiny new governors demand’s for gun bans. Not all of them are new, Connecticut’s Gun Ban Malloy is a retread, but New Jersey’s Phil whatisface, Virginia’s North am are as green as gourds, with far too little experience ot use past history ot predict the future course of events.

Alabaama’s Jones, helped by one of the media ever ccccooked up, won a Senate seat by a hairs breadth. Atlanta’s Ostoff House race, blew througth a staggering $25.00 a registred voter in his loss for for a House seat. New Jersey’s whatisface needed a massive influx of gun ban lobby cash to win a shockingly tight race agaisnt a good candidate with no financial resources.

The classic American definition of an honest politician is one who will stay bought – and it is a pretty safe bet that Jones, Northam, and Phil Murphy, as well as Alabama”s Jones, will play honest pol where their source of campaign funding is concerned.


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