Why Did Violent Crime Rates Explode Post 1963??

Anon dropped a contact comment saying it was clear that crime rates exploded after 1963, and increased even more rapidly in 1965.

Well, first, President John F. Kennedy was murdered. Then in very short order Lee Oswaled, who did murder a Dallas police officer and purportedly murdered President Kennedy, was murdered on National TV.

By the weekend stations such as KABC and WABC, network owned stations, were calling for “European style gun controls,” which no one knew anything about, and about which facts were hard to obtain.

One week after President Kennedy’s murder virtually every television station, every major radio station, almost every newspaper, and all the news magazines supported a total ban on guns not just the mail order guns Hollywood first proposed.

Given the amount of ignorance about the results of gun control, European crime rates, and the public image of the gun banners who made daily headlines, support for gun control was understandable.

It was not until Chief Inspector Colin Greenwood’s doctoral study on the UK’s gun control laws was published in 1973 that factual information on the actual results of British gun controls became available to the Brits themselves.

Chief Inspectooor Greenwood concluded gun controls were a series of bloody failures, an accurate if somewhat vulgar to British sensibilities description of those laws.

With just a small amount of actual information we were able to greatly slow the passage of bloody failures on this side of the pond, and almost stop the increase in most sorts of crime.

It was not until Marion Hammer introduced “must issue concealed carry” to Florida that American crime rates began to drip. The first effect of available Licenses To Carry was the usual prediction that “blood will run in the streets from major Florida media outlets, and a steady parade of mayors before the cameras, predicting disaster. But surprise! Instead of disaster, crime rates fell precipitously, and by 1993 a high percentage of American States had or were in the process of instituting “must issue concealed carry permits.”

The results are clear to anyone willing to look:

The red columns at the right of the chart show the results of the gun ban lobbies efforts since the 2012 Sandy Hook School Massacre, so human nature has not changed, with the effect the same as the 1963 gun ban campaign.

Of course, we sill hear anti-gun mayors bewailing successful efforts to suppress crime, saying the relaxed gun laws that have cut violent crime in downstate Illinois are responsible for Chicago’s murder and violent crime rates, both of which are on par with Bogota.


Within a week the entertainment industry had pledged more than a mi

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