Why Did Venezuela Go Down The Tubes?

Nineteen years ago Venezuela was the most fluent country in South America. It had the highest per capita income, the highest mean family income,halth care that far outstripped its neighbors such as Brazil,and all in all Venezuela was a successful country.Althout thee was a lot of cirme,much of it coming across the border with Colombia.

Today,Venezuela is the poorest country in South America. People have bangs of the worthless scrip hat passes for money,but a day’s trip is considered fortunate if they find enough food to make a family a single meal. Toilent paper is virtually impossible to get – and the people’s guns were the firtr thing to go.

What is the problem. In one word,Socialism. Acutally the brand of Socialism called Communism, but that would be splitting hairs. Communism came in with Hugo Chavez, and liberty and prosperity floew out the windows.

Listen to the man, becuase he tells it like it is. Chavez called himself a Democraic Socialist, just like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton,and the majority ofof Democratic officeholders.

So hang on to b Roscoe and BetsyB Because the first thing a Democratic Socialist does is confiscaate the guns, and then confiscae the wealth and hand it out to their supporters. And since the people have no guns, they can do nothing.


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