Why Can’t The NRA Compromise On Gun Control?

someone dropped a comment asking “Why the NRA refuses to comprise on gun control.”

Well, first, America’s gun owners, the “shooting community” numbers close to 200 million adult members, while the NRA has six or seven million members. The National Rifle Association numbers less than four percent of gun owners, and cannot speak for all of us.

Send, the shooting community, LED by the NRA, has comprmised on gun control many times. And before the ink is dry on the resultant bill, the gun control activists were back with more and more radical demands. The result is much like parking your chair on quicksand. Before long, you are struggling to save your own life.

If the gun control people negotiated honestly, instead of as they do, and if the gun control advocates would agree that measures that drive up crime rates are not what we need, the shooting community would be far more ready to negotiate an agreement.

But as it is, it is “the only solution is an end to private gun ownership” from the gun control people, instead of a reasoned and reasonable attack on the criminals who steal guns, traffic guns, and use guns to victimize citizens.


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