Why Are Pro-Gun Demonstrations Important?

“College Park” asks why letters to editors and legislators are not enough to preserve gun rights+

The “individual congtact” method is an important part of our “how to win legislators strategy, but it does not result in the attitude shift the gun rights protests do.

Since most elections are relatively close races, a small shift in public opinion can mean the difference in To illustrate that point, and rounding the vote totals, we recently lost an electin we should have won by a wide margin. The loss was a result of unchallenged anti-gun party agitprop, which portrayed a straight arrow and a child’s nightmare.

Of essentially one million votes cast the anti was credited with 460,000 votes, the responsible candidate with 455,000 votes, and a shift of just 2,500 votes would have resulted in a tie.

A well organized demonstration may flip 20,000 votes, and the pols are well aware of that. So frequent and well attended protest may very well persuade lawmakers to stay on the side of the angels, instead of flipping to favor high crime rate producing legislation.

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