Which Came First -Chicken Or Egg?

I see Pennsylvania’s Democrats blame redistricting, more properly called “Gerrymandering,” for their loss of power and influence.

Of course, changing district lines to crate a Democratic majority has been a feature of ANTI Party controlled legislatures since 1781, so the Demos have plenty of experience with Gerrymandering.

But that begs the question of how another political part took control of the legislature of a State that was once a Democratic stronghold?

Make no mistake, if Gerrymandering to squeeze Democrats out of office took place, the opposition party was solidly in control of the State legislature. And had been for some time.

So instead of looking in the mirror for the problem; American’s wearness with the Democrat’s “moth-to-flame” attraction to Fascism, an extreme form of Socialism, for their woes. While they still blame some members of their own partei for voting with Republicans, they refuse to consider that every organization plants the seeds for its demise.

So now, every State legislature is likely to face yet another round of redistricting, this one intended to put the ANTI’s back in the drivers seat.


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