Where Do British Criminals Get Their Guns?

This news report archived at YouTube does a decent job of informing the public about the ever rising rate of firearms facilitated crime in the UK:

for a quick rundown:

how many smuggled guns are intercepted each year? 750 to 1,000.

What percentage of smuggled guns are intercepted? 5 to 10%.

How many guns tose the UK’s criminal underworld have: According to report, between 500,000 and one million.

What is being done about it? Harsher sentences for smugglers, for one thing, but the cash strapped police have essentially no additional resources to devote to disarming the underworld, which has greatly expanded the U confiscated most Briton’s only effective defense against criminal victimization.

Which leads me to wonder if anyone in the UK government ever wonders what good it does to confiscate firearms –

When gun confiscation invariably results in more working criminals.


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