When I Grew Up You “Rode For The Brand”

Back when, I got pretty tired of the way the Webb outfit was always on my duster about the tent being a quarter inch out of line with the reest of the concessions, hitting me at midnight for their percentage, and other aggravations, so I saw Jim Webb and my next spot was with Webb’s #2 unit is Portland, Indiana – the “steering wheel capitol of the world.”

But as long as I set up on Shenk’s midway, I did what Shenk’s borad beamed daughter sai, no matter how inconvenient. I “rode for the barnd” in cowboy parlance. Just as Speaker Of the House Sam Rayburn hopped when Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman said “Frog.” `

But a reliable source, Breitbart5, reports Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has told a gathering that thee is no chance President Donald J. Trump’s wall will be built.

And President Trump is the titular head of the Republican party. Which makes that statement a case of a foreman thumbing his nose at the boss. Something that does not work too well, particularly with a boss who sometimes has a short fuse.

Of course, Paul Ryan is an experienced and commensurate politician, so he should be aware of all this. So I wonder what his plans for the future are? Retirement? Looking for a chance to be the only “young gun” in the Democratic partei?

I don’t know, but if he does not want to “ride for the brand and do what the boss say” he should make a move.


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