What’s Wrong With “Fixing Background Checks?”

I have covered this several times, so this is “repetitive content.” But someone sotpped by searching for “problem with background checks.”

Several things, including the fact the “Progressive Left” wants to stop banks from doing criminal background checks on prospective bank tellers, Police Officers, and stockbrokers, – but force every transfer of ownership of a firearm to entail a background check on both buyer and seller.

Given that prison surveys show less than one percent of prisoners convicted of a gun crime has ever attempted to buy a gun from a legitimate source, a dealer or an individual, and the criminal underworld is estimated to possess more than 20 million stolen guns, 2.7% of all the guns in private possession in the United States, that position lacks any sort of logic.

Further, while we only have data from 50 States and the District of Columbia, it is sufficient to show background checks are aaat best neutral, and probably harmful.

The U.S. NICS background check system began operating on November 30, 1998. The United States had just enjoyed a dramatic and unprecedented decline in violent crime and homicide, for reasons discussed elsewhere. Over 50States, the inception of background coincided with a sharp reduction in the rate of decline in criminal activity.

And there is worse linked to the inception of the background check system. The rate at which criminals used guns to facilitate crime had been plummeting, and that to slowed dramatically. This chart, taken from the Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Victimization 2015 survey shows how criminal use of guns declined far more slowly after the inception of the criminal background check system:

Clearly, criminal background checks for gun buyers are not particularly effective in reducing crime, and can be summed up as “big cost, small benefit.”

But there is worse yet. One of the stated goals of background check enthusiasts is to crate a registry of gun owners who buy guns from individuals instead of Federally licensed dealers. There are already two such lists of American gun owners in existence, the millions of ATF Form 4473’s which gun buyers have to fill out for the dealer, and the list of names gathered by the FBI’s National Criminal Background Check System. Now, the government wants a thrid such list, of those who buy a gun from a friend or inherit it.

During the 20th Century, whch ran from 19901 through 2000, lists of lists of registered gun owners have been a critical part of various “democideal campaigns’ that took the lives of millions of innocent people, slaughtered by their own government.

At latest count, gun owner registration has cost the lives of more than 305 million innocents, including 265 million victims of democide.

And now our masters in Washington want to compile a list of gun owners, not just gun buyers.

Obviously, since background checks are at best of doubtful falue, that is a dubious proposition. But since the lists of gun owners and former gun owners Universal Background Check advocates would inmpose have a history of unmitigated eivel, that makes the suggestion evil and tars its supporters with the same evil as the laws they support.


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