What’s Chavez Up To? Fausta’s Blog Has The Skinny

Fausta’s Blog has the latest on Venezuela’s efforts to arm itself, including a report on Chavez’ AK-47 factory, the Iranian made drones, and other war materials.

It’s a good read, with translation of the Spanish language video clips. So click on the link – and wonder what happened to the Monroe Doctrine.

My only quibble is a very small matter, a decimal point. My understanding is Ugo’s AK factory is currently working one shift, producing 80 weapons a day, with an eventual capacity of 800 per per shift. That would be 25,000 a year now, 250,000 per year per shift by 2014, times up to three shifts.

In a country in which civilian gun ownership or possession is forbidden and the crime rate is the highest in the world.


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