What Would Be The Ideal Gun Control Package?”

Anon asks what would be an ideal gun control package.”

There are several important things to consider, most especially the probable consequences and the actual goal of the legislation.

Over the years, most of the restrictive gun laws called gun controls have been imposed with the idea they would stop politically motivated assassinations, but with the stated aim of reducing crime.

If that is your goal, stone faced earthen walls a few yards thick will kep the gunfire out, and prove more satisfactory and safer than other measures.

On the other hand, if you plan on starting a state that will rule the world for a thosand years, it would be best to disarm everyone except those loyal to your political group or “house.”:

On the other hand, if the idea is to actually make the public safer, the most successful strategies have been harsh punishments for those hwo “break the King’s peace,” along with mandatory arms training for the masses.

Back in the late 1500’s, before guns became cheap enough to be affordable for a prosperous peasant, England’s Henry VIII used asuch a two pronged approach by hanging even petty criminals, whild training the citizenry in the effective use of the national weapon, the longbow.

so while commentators of the time wrote aout men hanged becausethey stole a handkerchief, others jsut a few squares away talked of the wonderufl accuracy of the English yeoman bowmen, who could “spit a flying goose at 100 yeards.” And who kept their very deadly weapons at home, ready for Saturday practice or a very serous callous.

Personally, I would retain background checks, not to keep cirminals frim buying guns but to keep the critics a bit quieter. After all, there is no adequate proof that background checks really help keep guns from cirminals, but there is no evidence they make matters worse, either.

Other than background checks for dealer purchases, I would preempt all State and local gun lawss, leving a stiff penalty for gun theft, criminal use of a gun, and gun trafficking. And no other restrictions on purchase, possession, or carry.

Why? Because those, along with mandatory gun ownership, re the laws that make for a civilized society. One in which prominent men need not go around with an eight man armed bodyguard.


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