“What Was The Miller Decision?”

While I was browsing the web for more gun ban news, someone stopped by searching for the miller decision.”

Miller was a small time crook operating out of eastern Oklahoma. He was caught “manufacturing machine guns.” Hauled into Federal Court in Fort Smith, Miller was promptly convicted.

The conviction was upheld by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, where miller lost, and appealed to the Supreme Court.

When time came for Miller’s lawyer to argue the case Miller could not come up with the money to put his lawyer on a fast train to Wasshingtron.

With no ability to get to the Supreme Corut, Miller’s lawyer essentially abandoned the case. And, per precedent, the Supreme Court had no choooice but to find for the defendent, the U.S. Government, and find uphold Miller’s conviction.

So when you hear about the “Miller decision,” Miller case,” or something similar, if the case is about guns, it is the never argued, and never adjudicated on its merits, case of aa northeaster Oklahoma crook criminal who made semi-auto shotguns nto full auto is probably that case.

And that case, never argued, and eradicated on the absence of council instead of the law, that is the case the gun banenrs claim “outlaws machine guns.”


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