What Type Of Guns Did The Newtown Killer Use

UPDATE The Connecticut State Police have confirmed that “the long gun” was used by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook School. Why all the confusion and misdirection, I do not know.


Someone came by searching for “what type of guns did the newton killer use.”

Assuming the event wanted was the weapons used in the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting, the situation is nothing short of a mess. This youtube clip pretty much sums up what is known about the weapons used:

As the video clip shows, initial reports were essentially that Adam Lanza murdered his mother, loaded her guns in her car, and drove to Sandy Hook elementary school. Once there, the original report was that a SIG and a Glock pistol, along with a Bushmaster Sport Utility Rifle, were taken into the school and used for mass murder. Later reports had it that two Glocks and two SIGs were found at Adam Lanza’s suicide scene, while the “long gun” was found in Nancy Lanza’s vehicle outside the school.

Next, press reports had it that four handguns were found in the school, and the long gun was “in a car outside the school.” Which conjures nightmarish visions of the body of Adam Lanza arising to put the purported murder weapon neatly back in his vehicle, and then returning to the place he killed himself.

There was a long gun, recovered from a car, however. As you can see for yourself in the video clip, above.

Then comes a video showing what appears to be a self-loading shotgun (a Remington 11-87?) being removed from a black car. Adam Lanza had a black Honda so the car may have been his. And while a shotgun is certainly a long gun, it is not a “Bushmaster rifle.”

A press conference by “H. Wayne Carver, Ct’s Chief Medical Examiner” provides little information other than “it was the long gun.”

Later statements have it that the weapon used was in fact a “Bushmaster rifle.” Yet later reports have it that it was four handguns. And what was the murder weapon?

Until someone who gives a coherent account of events surfaces, that is hard to say.


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3 Responses to What Type Of Guns Did The Newtown Killer Use

  1. billy clary says:

    I would like to know why does Piers Morgan continue to say an AR 15 was used in the Sandy Hook shooting when it has already come out in the media & police have already stated an AR 15 was not used. He needs to stop perpetuating this false story

  2. Stranger says:

    After nearly six weeks of obfuscation, the Connecticut State Police said a “Bushmaster” was the murder weapon.

    As an interested observer, I cannot say whether the news media, particularly Comcast’s NBC talking heads, were correct in saying their sources said the murder weapons were two – or four – handguns or not; but Morgan does at least have the CSP’s support.

    Just one more small point in favor of transparency.


  3. Stranger says:

    I have posted the CSP response elsewhere on the blog


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