What The Media Said About Manchin’ AWB failed

Earlier today, I mentioned Joe Manchin’s [ANTI-WV} Assault Weapons Ban of 2013. Despite the title, I have had hundreds of gun control advocates complaing that Manchin’s bill was not a gun ban.

Well, the link is in the paragraph above, an. Click on the full text, wich has had a couple of paragraph breaks inserted for clarity, but no other changes at all. Notice how many guns are banned outright, and how many classes of guns are banned except for a short list of exceptions.

Now, to finish up the story, here is a typical media response to the failure of Manchin’s gun ban bill. Listen to the video and discover those who opposed the bill “lied and could not offer a reason for voting against ti.”

Check it all out, and come to your own conclusions, about whether or not A,AMDT.719 was a gun ban bill – and whether or not the media ever tells the truth.


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