What Sort Of weapons Would An Advanced Civilization Have?

Anon y muss asks what sort of weapons a technologically advanced civilization possess.

The thought of having an energy weapon that would not only allow you to bag your buck butg cook it too is tempting, but there is much to be sad for firearms.

They have had nearly 800 years fir development, with continual improvements for the last 500 years. They have a feature some consider a bug, the report, but that can be reduced if needed.

If you are hunting any land animal on this earth, there is a gun that is more than adequate for the purpose. and if you can stand the recoil there is even a handgun for elephant. large and small, short and tall, there is a firearm for every niche.

After that, we may not get an energy weapon that will discharge an elephant roasting beam 100 times frin a fast series of shots from a particle of anti-matter contained in a quarter size disc but the trend will be that way.

After that, I have no guess unless it would be mind stunning weapons that would incapacitate instead of kill.


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2 Responses to What Sort Of weapons Would An Advanced Civilization Have?

  1. Grey says:

    Firearms and edged weapons.

    The ammunition might be improved over simple engineered lead and copper/brass. Maybe some form of explosive projectile with target specific detonation modes, and possibly some sort of guidance system. Chemical propellants are hard to beat.

    Edged weapons because they work.

  2. Stranger says:

    Hi Bill: This item was also referenced in my souce; and cites and quotes the original David Kopel item I thought I was linking to.

    This should do for quotes, and I will keep looking. Tomorrow, though.


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