What should The Ratio Between Military And Militia Be?

Sometimes I get questions that defy a prompt answer. A few nights ago, someone came by searching for “proper ratio between regular military and militia be.”

My first though would have been that it depended onwhat sort of threats confronted the nation, but I try not to do snap answers. So I handed the question off to someone who specializes in things military.

Because this questin is particularly germane to the Alley’s reason for being, which is partially to make sure our fellow countrymen can sleep soundly at night.

Of course, America is a Republic, which by Plato’s description means we have a relatively weak standing army, a respectable “ready reserve,” and a strong and well armed militia. Since the militia provides its own arms and ammunition, training when convenient the cost of maintaining a militia is quite low compared to either standing or reserve military.

And since Americans between 18 and decrepitude are defacto members of the militia, a Republic gives a nation a powerful defensive capability without the expense of an equivalent army.

Taht said, the answer is that the ratio between number of regular army should e approximately six militia to one GI. At the threat of hostility, the militia should be brought to a state of readiness and, critically important under the Geneva convention, issued uniforms.


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