What Percentage Of Gun Deaths Are Gang Related?

Someone stopped by searching for “what percentage of gun deaths are gang related.”

Well, it would help if someone would hang a placard on murder victims saying “gang related” and “not gang related.” But joking aside, one third of murders are never “solved by arrest,” so an exact count is not possible.

We do know that a very high percentage of murders are “a result of disagreements between partners or rivals in some criminal enterprise.” That includes gang killings, since the gangs are rivals in from one to several criminal enterprises. A typical gang will deal in drugs, guns, human traffic, stolen goods, and other things so even if you have a dead body and a suspect determining a cause is often not possible.

“How many” estimates by police departments range from “over half” to “more than 80 percent,” while criminologists who have dug into the situation have found that 70 to 75 percent of all murders in the United States are a result of “thieves falling out.” The mean is 72.5, and I generally use 71 percent to calculate estimates.

The FBI reports there were 8,583 gun related murders during 2011.

71 percent of that would be approximately 6,100 gun related criminal on criminal deaths in 2011.


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2 Responses to What Percentage Of Gun Deaths Are Gang Related?

  1. T.A. Barnhart says:

    CDC reports 11,101 homicides using firearms in 2011; 11,078 in 2010. fyi.

  2. Stranger says:

    Yes, there is a discrepancy. The CDC count is of death certificates, and the CDC lumps murder, justifiable homicide, official intervention, and a few other things as homicides.

    The FBI murder count is usually about 2,500 short of the CDC count because it only counts murders, as reported to it by the police.


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