What Is Wrong With Th eLautenberg Amendment?

Someone using an Arlington, Virginia URL asks “what is wrong with the Lautenberg Amendment?”

The intent, to begin with, but specifically, as Lautenberg is enforced:

1.) the accused is presumed guilty, denying due process.

2.) Studies show women are nearly as likely to abuse their spouse and children as men are, but Lautenberg is written as an anti-man, anti-gun Amendment.

3.) Even an immediate, on the spot recantation of an accusation is not accepted as exoneration for the accused.

I should add a fourth stipulation, that even a neighborhood of character witnesses will not prevail against an unsupported accusation of abuse, but that is properly a separate issue.

As is the fact that a Lautenberg accusation is a common tool to increase a divorcing wife’s alimony and child support.

So the bottom line is this. Lautenberg is a a hastily written and thoroughly malicious bill that should be repealed at the first possible moment.

At the same time, the problem of violent domestic abuse exists, and a serious study should be undertaken to actually quantify the problem. With numbers in hand, it will be time for criminal justice and law enforcement experts to meet with victims rights advocates and shooting community representatives to hammer out an acceptable bill to deal with the problem.

Starting with a “blank sheet” investigation into who, if anyone, is the abuser, what the abuse consisted of, what were the circumstances, and the other questions and procedures followed in any other criminal investigation.


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