What Is The Value Of A .22 On The Street

Someone came by searching for “22 gun street value.”

According to those who are in a position to know…

That depends on whether you are buying or selling. Recent reports have it that a 22 rifle will go for a “dime bag,” of “recreational drugs,” which cost the pusher as much as %5.00. A .22 handgun will go for as many as three “dime bags” in most areas.

Buying, and depending on your state, possession of a stolen firearm can cost as much as 12 years of your life. But in money,since .22 rifles are not in demand apparently go for $30 or a little more. .22 handguns run from $60 for a revolver to $75 for a pistol with a reasonable magazine capacity.

Since the criminal underworld has an estimated 500 year supply of “street guns,” I do not expect any great price fluctuations in the short run.


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