“What Is The Percentage Of Suicide By Guy?”

Someone came by searching for “%gun suiccide in us.”

We do not know, because we do not know how many suicides there actually are. Estimates run from 40,000 to 150,000, with a remarkable lack of a peak that might indicate a forming consensus. Why?

Because a comparatively small number of the more than three million Americans who die each year get more than a a cursory examination before the death certificate is issued.

The usual procedure is for the police to come and confirm someone has died. The police do whatever is customary for the place, from a coroner’s on site inspection of the body to transport to the morgue for later examination.

The most common procedures are the on-site inspection, which does help insure that no evidence will be destroyed; followed by transport to a funeral home, and the coroners inspection there. But a death certificate is issued withotu a forensic examinaation and if there was suicide or foul play that fact goes to the grave with the deceased.

So, officially, for 2015 the CDC estimated there were 44,199 death certificates issued listing suicide as the cause of death, and it is so very hard to miss a bullet hole, almost half of those listed a firearm as the weapon used to commit suicide.

But that is from death certificates that were largely a matter of opinion. while the CDC says 44,085 Americans turned out their lights by suffocating themselves, we we have no real clue to the real number.

The same goes for the 6,815 who are thought to have fatally poisoned themselves. And the And the same goes for the two “suicides ‘struck by or against.'”

Returning o the poisoning category, we are told that up to 100,000 Americans died of opioid poisoning. How many of those were deliberate? We have not a clue.

How many of those found with a plastic bag over their heads were suicides? We do not know. All we really know is that someone with the authority to sign a death certificate said that someone was not a murder victim, they committed suicide.


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