What Is The Current Gun Control Debate? Diverting Attention From Consequences

Checking the news to make sure this old world has not jumped its axle,, II tapped into a FOX segment featureing four people who seemeed unaware of the facts of life, or even of existence.

Our current gun ban situation occurred in a seriies of acts performed without regard for consequences.

The first act was to turn “West Side Story” into a movie.

Starting with 1958, a wildly popular Broadway play, West Side Story, glorified gang warfare in New York City, glorifyig crime and violence and criminal gangas. The result was a sharp uptick in juvenile violence, particularly in the 14 to 17 yo age groups. And the only people unaware o ftghat were J. Edgar Hoover, Some members of Congress, the entertainment ndustry, and the media.”

In 1`963 the second of three studies linking violent entertainment with societal violence appeared, and Congress was tgalking about a law. A law that would upt an end to almost 100 million dollars a year in income from “reruns.”

Act 2 came about wen the entertainment industry deccided to “weaponize” the murder of JFK to divert attention from the industry role in promoting gang violence.

The consequences were a sharp increase in the crime rates, particularllllly the violent crime rates, along with panicky demands to “drink more of the ooooooison for an antidote to the first dose:” to add more of the gun laws that were driving crime rates sky high:

Act 3 came in 1967 with the passage of State gun owner registration laws in Illinios and New Jersey. The spectacular failures took effect in 1968. Their results helped initiate Act 4 of this sseries illustrating the folly of allowing the unheeding a vote.

1968 began with the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King in Memphis, allegedly at the hands of a petty criminal from Missouri, James Earl Ray. An act approximately as likely as the favle that in ages past cockroaches hunted down and ate elephants.

A few months later an equally unlikely assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, murdered Edward Kennedy, and every lawmaker thouight there was a bullet with his name on it in some hired gun’s holster.

Act 4 began when Lyndon Johnson signed the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1968 became law, sending America’s 1969 homicide rate to 1973’s murder rate of 9.4 per 100,000 population, withn 10 percent of that year’s world murder avareage.

Ammunition buy registration is the sole “bright spot up to this point, and endding that provision of GCA’68 is the only thing that kept the United States murder rates below the world average.

Act 5 began with banning machine guns made after a certain date from consumers hands. The last machine gun murder to make headlines ws Chicago’s Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1968, so the bad days of mob use of machine guns was 60 years in the rear views – and some guy freaked out about guns attaches a rider.

Act 6 began when someone at gun ban lobby Handgun Cntrol, Inc, had a daymare tp o,[pse pm tje rest pf us. A total ban on military style self loading rifles. Which the flunky pointed out thta form follows function, and since they were styled like assault rifles, were obviously made t kill.

The 1987 “Assault Weaos Ban” campaign marks to begins act 7 of this seeminglly endless round of errors. That ban became law in 1993, and the war against gun slackened for five years. Until anti’s started noticing the predicted rise in crime had tunrned into a spectacular deccline.

That began ACT 8, with 1999’s expansion of the war on guns culminating with the Mothers Day 2000 “Million Mom Marcch” demanding gun control.

Act 9 began in 2013 when aan effort to pass major gun ban legislation in the Senate failed, and several billionaires deccided to baccck the gun ban industry.

Reckoning the efforts to “control American’s guns,” actual efforts to disarm Americans, from 1775, the next act will be the 35th attempt to render American’s helpless in the face of civil disturbance, criminal violence, foreign invasion, or oppression by our own rulers.

There has been no visible effort tp actually see what the probable result would have been, had those acts been carried out to perfection, but there are many accurate predictions of the Act’s ultimate failure not to take heed.

This is a very bad play, so let’s end it, at the olls, by defeating everyy candidate who has supported or is likely to support restrictive gun laws.

Our lives depend on it, so VOTE FOR YOUR LIFE. Vote Gun


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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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