What Is An Unlicensed Gun Dealer?

Someone stopped by searching for “what is an unlicensed gun dealer.” And they sure did not find out where they were sent.

An “unlicensed gun dealer” is a fictional talking point cooked up by anti-gun activists in order to have something to sell. In that, they are like the old time medicine man whose 100 proof patent medicine would cure corns, bunions, “gleet,” torpid liver, backache, headache, constipation, pox, cough, or anything else wrong with you.

So, first of all, a “dealer” is someone who makes all or a major part of their income from selling something. The car dealer, the car parts dealer, and the gasoline dealer are familiar to everyone.

Where guns are concerned, if you buy guns to sell, or make all or a substantial – more than a few percent – part of your income selling guns you must have a Federal Firearms Dealers License, keep a record of all the guns that come into your hands or leave your hands in a “bound book,” make sure all the paperwork is filled out properly, and so on.

Typically, “unlicensed dealers” are those people who have a gun or a few guns, who wish to either pass the guns on to their children, or to put them in the hands of someone who will take care of them. People like New York’s mayor Bloomberg have a problem understanding that a man who divides his guns and other treasures among his children while he is still alive is prudent, and not a gun dealer in any sense of the term.

Nor is the man who has collected a couple of early 20th century pocket pistols, a Winchester Model 70, and an Ithaca trap gun that he wants to give a good home a “dealer.” Those individuals may advertise an old gun in the local paper, rent a table at a gun show, or otherwise offer it for sale with no dealers license needed.

Obviously, the selling price of a gun or two should not amount to a “substantial part of the sellers income,” so by law they do not need a license to sell a personally owned gun, or to swap an occasional gun with someone else.


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