What Is An Aurochs Haunch?

Can I explain what an aurochs haunch is?

Sure. A haunch consists of an edible piece of meat consisting of the ham and thigh of an animal, along with adjacent parts if they are left with the ham.

An auroch, most commonly referred to in the plural “aurochs,” is the forebear of all modern cttle. Standing seven feet ta;; at the shoulders and with an estimated live weight of 2,200 poounds, those long distance runners ranged from the shores of France to the shores of Siberia.

So an auroch haunch is enough meat to feed a small community for a couple of days, often cooked over a cummunal fire and ccut into sizes appropriate to the recipient.

Who would then join the yarn spinners next to the fire and listen to talk of Umlaut, who used to live in the caves across the valley was sp tall that when he saw the moon floating down the big river lifted it out and fixed it to the sky.

These days, the aurochs is extinct, but every cow carries auroch genes, so scientistists are back breeding cattle to get something very like the original aurochs:


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