What Is A “Charlotte Loophole?:” A “Gun show Loophole?”

Evidently this is a day for “loophole” searches. The greatest number were searching for “Charlotte loophole.”

Essentially, a young man named Dylan Roof decided he wanted his mark on the world to be a mass murder after being arrested on a comparatively minor charge.

Jailed, he should have been logged in as a Charlotte, South Carolina resident, but was booked in as a Mecklinburg County resident. The jail reported the arrest to the FBI, but when Roof attempted to buy a gun, the jail could find no record of Roof’s arrest so after the mandatory three day waiting period the sale was allowed to proceed.

Allowing a gun sale to proceed after a three day hold is what the banners call a “Charlotte loophole,” and want to end.

Next, soeveral someones came by searching for “what is a gun show loophole.”

Allegedly, criminals buy billions and billions of guns from “unlicensed dealers” at gun shows, paying almost nothing for them. In reality, “private sales” almost always involve collectors buying guns from each other ,or sentimental people who want a “Winchester 32/20 like dad used to have.” If a potential buyer lucks up on a treasure, the asking price is usually ten percent or more above the going blue Book price, but price is rarely a consideration.

While most gun show sales are dealer to citizen sales with all Fedlerally requred paperwork AND the m mandatory NICS Background Check performed, and quite often with a ATF agent watching the whole transaction, the gun banners insist criminals buy new guns for far below dealer cost – and the dealer who is losing serious money on every transaction is getting as rich as Bill Gates selling guns at a loss.

Two individuals came by searching fo r”internet loophole.”

The gun banners claim private citizens can buy gun on the internet and avoid the legal requirements fo rgun purchasers. I suppose something could be further from the truth but it is hard to imaging what that could be.

Firrst, yes you can buy a gun from a dealer or an individual who advertises on the internet. Either way, the gun MUST be shipped to a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer, who will handle the sale as if the sale were his or her own. The buyer is required to show proper photo ID, fill out an ATF Form 4473, and undergo an FBI instant background check. Just as if the gun had belonged to the dealer handling the paperwork. And the gun banners call this the “internet loophole,” and claim criminals buy billions and billions of guns without undergoing a background check through the “internet loophole.”

The truth is taht prison surveys show almost no gun criminals have even attempted to buy a gun from any legitimate source. Surveys show that criminals either steal guns themselves, buy guns from thieves, or buy guns from drug dealers who obtain guns from drug traffickers.

And t those are the fa cts about these “loopholes.”


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2 Responses to What Is A “Charlotte Loophole?:” A “Gun show Loophole?”

  1. Bill T says:

    These “loopholes” are about as truthful as calling an AR15 or Semi auto AK47 an assault rifle. These bozos wouldn’t know an assault weapon from a bull whip. There is change in the wind. The sooner the better.

  2. Stranger says:

    The “loopholes” are like the fake warbonnet a Jewish “Medicine Man” used to wear. They draw the suckers, who buy the line being sold.

    And at that, Jake Ginsburg had the advantage, since his 50 percent alcohol “patent medicine” would at least make you feel better, while the gun ban hucksters will get you killed.


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