What Gun Control Has Cost New Mexico

The Case of historic New Mexico, a State of the United States regardless of what the postman says, is another variation on a very familiar them. While there is a limit to homw many times you have to prove gun control is evil, there are only fifty States, and with New Mexico wer are “getting down to the short rows>”

Regular Alley readers know history. In 1960, New Mexico’s Law Enforcement Agencies reported just 1,360 violent crimes to the FBI, among more than 960,000 people.

The entertainment industry cranked up their gun control campaign in late 1963, and New Mexico’s LEA’s reported 1,376 violent crimes.

1964 was Hollywood’s first full year of campaigning against guns and gun owners, with Mew Mexico reporting 1,617 violent crimes.

1968 was the fifth full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, and crime was doing with crime always does in during a gun control campaign, with New Mexico reporting 2.325 violent crimes to the FBI.

1968 was also the year Hollywood got the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 signed into law,a first fo the United States, and crime picked up.

1969 was the first full year of Federal gun controls, and violent crime totals added up to 2,543.

1973 was the fifth full year of federal gun controls, people no longer had to register ammunition purchases, and t New Mexico’s voilent crime rate was 5,219

violent crime continued to rise,reaching 7,272 in 1979, and peaking at 15,024 violent crimes in 1993 the culmination year for the “Assault Weapons Ban pushed by Handgun Control, Inc., and the Democratic Party.

The numbers above, and the basis for the cart below, can b confirmed at this convenient spreadsheet maintained by The Disaster Center or by consulting the bound, single year copies filed an many police headquarters. With the source linked, here is the chart which should give you some idea of the terrible cost New Mexicans have paid for gun control

That cost has been paid in blood spilled and lives lost, in the maimed, the victims who were hale one moment, and helpless the next, In the cost of funerals, medical expenses, lost wages, and the cost of property destroyed, damaged, or stolent, and the considerable extra cost of law enforcement and incarceration.

Clearly, New Mexico has paid an enormous price for gun control. A pill made more bitter by the realization that fifty million dollars, ,icj less than the cost of gun control from ne sunrise to sunset, would have reshot all the v “explicit interpersonal violence” linked to a rise in juvenile crime.

It is time for Congress to do its duty and preempt all state and local gun laws, limiting what is permissible to current Federal restrictions, and with an appropriate levy of at least $100,000 a day for those who would either attempt to enforce preempted laws, or craft new ones to evade preemption.


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