What Gun Control Has Cost Nevada

Nevada is an interesting State and on that has grown rom 236.000 population in 1960 with a violent crime rate of 145.8 per 100,000 residents in 1960 to the 2016 estimate of 2,840,000 with a violet crime rate of 696 per 100,000 residents.

In this case, restricive gun laws are not the only culprit. Nedvada has grown enormously in the last 57 years, going from 285,000n the 1960 Census to an estimated 2,840,000 in 2015. The State’s largest city, Las Vegas,has a population of about 650,000, and the suburbs and exurbs push that to well over a million.

Such rapid growth always comes with penalties, starting with lack of supporting infrastructure, particularly water, and an influx of individual who themselves unwelcome wherever they came from. Add to that the fact Las Vegas, the Meadows, is a gambling won, and things can get warm in a hurry.

Nevada is fortunate that the Legislature has generally resisted calls for gun control, which would have made the crime situation very much worse.

In 1960,before the gambling boom hit and gun control was unheard of, Nevada a total of 416 violent crimes to the FBI, including 25 murders and 211 robberies. That high robbery rate is charateristic of people gambling away their last penny, sure the next turn of the cards, spin of the wheel, roll of the dice will “make them even.”

In 1963, when the entertainment industry that owns and owned many of the casino began a campaign to ban guns, Nevada Law Enforcement Agencies reported 755 violent crmies,including 437 robberies.

1964 was the first full year of Hollywood’s gun control drive, and Nevada LEA’s reported 983 violent crimes, with over half robberies.

`968 marked the fifth full year of HOllywood’s gun ban campaign, as well as the year the Gun Control Act of 1968 was signed into law, marking the attempt to ban or regulate gun ownership. That year, Nevada authorities reported 1,261 violent crimes, including 647 robberies.

1969 ws the first full year of Federalgun control, Lost Wages was still booming,and Nevada authorities reported 1,642 violent crimes, including 871 robberies.

Nevada’s violent crime count peaked in 14,597, with 170 murders and 5,134 robberies, immediately Willie Clinton signed Hilary’s Assault weapons ban into law.

While most States violent crime rates dropped dramatically between 1993 and 199, Nevada’s population pressure, and the number of “I’m going to get rich at the tables” people, for any significant reduction in vioelnt crime in subsequent years.

2015 saw saw 20,118 violent crimes reported, with 178 murders and 6.287 robberies.

The numbers above, and the numbers that are the foundation of the chart below can easily be verified at this convenient spreadsheet, maintained by the Disaster Center, or by consulting the bound back issues of the FB I Uniform Crime report many policie hadquarters have filed away.

With that, the chart below should give you some conception of what gun control has cost Nevada:

That cost has been paid in excess lives lost, in disabling injury, in medical costs, in lost wages, in pain and suffering, in property destroyed, damaged or stolen, and the vastly increased costs of incarceration and law enforcement. The cost has been enormous, the “return on that investment” has been nonexistent.

It is time for Congress to do whoat should have been done forty years ago, when it was first obvious that gun control was a bloody and expensive failure.

It is time for Congress to preempt all local and State gun laws, limiting those laws to the limits of current Federal law, and setting an approprate levy, at least $100,000 a day, for anyone attempting to enforce preempted laws, or to craft new laws to circumvent preemption.


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