What Gun Control Has Cost Maine

Maine’s chart of violent crimes reported is like a new ending to a bad rerun. Gun control did exactly what it was predicted to do in 1968, but instead of keeping on rising.

That is nota sur[rose.somce we jave noted the same response several times,particularly in European countries wehre the population shares the same religion and culture, And in countries where law mandates at least a large part of the population to own guns.

For a change, let me refer those who wish to verify the numbers presented here may do so at this convenient website maintained by the Disaster Center or by consulting the original printed FBI Uniform Crime Report from the collection in many police headquarters.

And, for a change in this stretch run of the “Cost of gun control” series, let’s put the chart before the details:

Isn’t that a nice change from Sates where gun control pressure kept violent numbers and rates rising, and where Bloomberg’s Banners activities are driving up violent crime rates now.

In 1960, before gun control was an issue, Maine’s population was 992,000, and Maine Law Enforcement Agencies reported just 289 violent crimes, including 16 murders and 77 robberies.

In 963, when the entertainment industry decided to make gun control an issue MaineLESA’s reported 277 violent crimes,.

1964 was the first full year of Hollywood’s gun ban drive, and Main authorities reported 306 violent crimes, sending the violent crime rate soaring to 51.2 per 100,000, or about 1/8th today’s National rate.

1968 marked the fifth year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, and the year Lyndon Johnson sighed his Gun Control Acto of 1968. Taht year, Maine LEA’s reported 621 violent crimes to the FBI.

1969 was the first full year of Federal gun controls, Maine authorities reported 733 violent cirmes to the FBI.

1973 marked the fifth full year of fifth full year of gun control in Maine, and tht year Maine LEA’s reported 22 murders, up from 16, 213 robberies, up from 77.smf 943 serious assaults, up from only 148.

Viooent crime continued to climb,reaching a peak of 2,458 in 1977. That year, Mainers reported a total of 2,3254 violent crimes,including 26 murders, 420 robberies, and 1.845 seroius assaults.

And then, the rise in rise in crime stopped. Why? Because new gun laws stopped making it through the Legislature.

Mainers were already well armed, so gun control did not much decrease the inherent risk of criminal aggression and while the population grew, the decline in crime rates offset that growth.

And,if yoiu have wondered why Maine’s Congressional Delegation is a “go along to get along” bunch,for the most part, they don’t have to live with the costs of gun cotnrol at home.

That price was paid in lives lost,permanently disabling injuries, medical costs, lost wages, disability payments, lost of companionship, Property destroyed, damaged or stolen, and the cost of greatly expanded law enforcement and incarceration.

It is time and past time for Congress to join the real world and end this plague of violence by preempting all STate and local gun laws, and levying a resonable penalty, $100,000 a day or more, for those who attempt to enforce preempted gun laws, or those who attempt to circumvent preemption with new restrictions.



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