What Five Guns Would You Buy If Money Were No Object?

Robb Allen has the question, at Sharp as a Marble.

Well, my first thought was a mint Walker Colt, but the only way to get one would be to build a time machine first. Holding it down to guns that are not made of unobtanium –

1.) A 20 Gauge Darne to go with my 16. 16 gauge shells are getting to be hard to find and my shooter eye doc says an ultra lightweight 12 gauge could be a problem.

2.) A Savage 99F, the 6.5 pound “Featherweight,” in 250 Savage (250-3000) because I do not have one.

3.) A Winslow Emperor Grade in anything – because it is probably the most garish rifle made in the style Roy Weatherby originated. Not to shoot, any half way smart critter would take one look at that piece of overly embellished artillery and die laughing. To hang on the wall to start conversations with.

4.) A satin nickel 1911, because the one I have is too pretty to carry.

5.) A High Standard Supermatic Trophy because I want one. I shot the smallest 50 meter group I have ever shot with a friend’s Trophy and I would like to prove to myself a sub 1″ group at 164 feet offhand was not a fluke.

That’s my list. Leave yours at Robb’s place. the link’s in the first paragraph.


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