What Do Gun Owners Do When The Courts Deny Our Rights?

The Washington Standard takes note of the high court’s flat refusal of the San Diego “refusal to issue” an LTC by the Sand Diego County Sheriffs Office.

The item is well written, correct, and suggests workable conclusions, including a new San Diego Gouty Sheriff who will act in accordance with public safety instead of repeating a more than 57,000 times failed mistake. Click on over, and be informed, the Alley will be here when you get back.

And if I can get up a little energy, so will a chart showing the effect Federal Gun laws had on Cali’s homicide/murder rate.

For our part, the ANTI-Party owns the California coastal counties from San Diego to Humboldt. It is not so much that It is not that the Party has great majority of county residents vote Democratic,the Democrats behave as if they own the election system.

In reality, there the Social Progressive (Fascist) voters are a distinct minority even where they are strongest, and anti–ANTI voters should be able to retire the local Sheriff, and send him to political oblivion.

All that would take is the will among the members our community to do it, and a little help from the Feds. Help that may very well be on its way.

Yesterday, California flatly and insultingly refused to provide a copy of its voter rolls to a Presidential Commission. There is one credible reason for that. The same reason ancient peoples carried a wooden spade often called a “paddle.” To cover up corruption.

By refusing to cooperate with a Federal investigation of vote fraud, Kali has essentially admitted wrongdoing.

Will California election officials pay the price? That we will have to wait and see. But given Attorney General Jeff Sessions record, I consider it likely the DOJ will give it the old college try.

That said, what would the shooting community do if the Courts continue to ignore our pleas for redress?

Our community is by far the most law ab abiding part of American society. If the courts continue to ignore our unjustified distress, we would do what have always done. Obey the law – except on one thing. Confiscation.


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