What Do Democrats Want To Do About Guns?

“Oldfield,” with whom I hve been carrying on a desultory conversation for some months says “All Democrats want to do is keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.”

Actually, Democrats want permanent control of an extreme Socialist country called the United States of America.

The first step in that process is to make it impossible to carry out a successful revolution without an unacceptable loss of life. But they are not going to tell us that.

Instead, they are going to keep on telling us how wonderful gun control works in England, and France, and Germany, and Canada, and Mother Russia, and China, and Canada, and Spain, and Italy and the Balkans and Turkey and you should get the picture. They lie a lot, principally about the results of existing gun laws.

And the complicit media repeats those lies, and those of their equally complicit entertainers, Just yesterday a popular performer made thousands of headlines, daying “Those who do not support gun control have blood on their hands.”

But if her industry had not set off a gun control campaign a substantial part of the more than 800,000 excess murder victims would be alive today. Millions would not have been convinced a criminal lifestyle is a safe lifestyle in this disarmed United STates, and millions of man years of prison time would never be a part of gun control’s hstory.

But the facts, the things needed to make a rational decision on gun control, are deliberately buried. by the media. Resulting in homicide rates double what they should be, and violent crime rates four times what they should be.

So the general run public is misinformed about gun control, and we all suffer far higher crime rates than are necessary.

And all of that

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