“What Are The Risks Of Constitutional Carry?”

A Stocton, California URL disturbed a few electrons to deliver a comment asking “What are the risks from allowing just anyone to carry a gun.”

I assume that by “just anyone to carry” denotes “Constitutional Carry,” which allows anyone who is legally entitled to purchase and possess to drip a gun in his pocent or her purse and go.

Historically speaking, societies that allowed “just anyone” to carry at will have homicide and violent crime rates of roughly one fifth of the United states current rates, or 5.1 murders and less than 4100 violent crimes per 100,000 population

If Congress preempted all gun laws and limited allowable State and local gun restrictions to those in current Federal law, after a few years, our homicide total would drop from 14,000 to 3,000, our forcible sexual assault rate would drop from 28 to 14 per 100,00, our robbery rate would drop from 110 to 25, and our “aggravated assault” rate would drop to 45.

So while universal Constitutional Carry would not be quite as safe as locking yourself in a bank vault, it would reduce the average person’s risk of being the victim of a crime tremendously. Making imposing Constitutional Carry on State and Local laws would be the rational ting for Congress to do.

But as it is currently constituted, THIS Congress is not about to act rationally and preempt State and local gun laws.


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