What Are The Key Crime Rates?

Someone stopped by searching for “key crime rates.”

All the crime rates have significance, particulrly property crime, which is an early warning of economic distress.

For violent crimes, the rape rate depends on the percentage of victims who report the crime, whic is quite low, so as long as that rate is declining we are in good territory.

The other three individual crime statistics do provide a great deal of information. The homicide/murder rates provide information about the overall level of criminal activity, since most murders are by criminals who have fallen out, rivals in some criminal activity, or by criminals in the course of their trade.

The robbery rate measures economic activity, since unemployhemd people often turn to robbery to live.

And while the overwhelming majority of “aggravated assaults” boil down to two guys settling their differences, that rate is quite sensitive to overall stress in a society.

So while the rape statistics are much less useful all four of the FBI reported violent crime statistics are important, and important to know. As are the trends, since a serous upward surge means trouble is on the way.


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