What A Difference A Few Years Makes

Thanks to a tip at Alphecca, I see New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg’s Facebook page is filling up fast.

The Alphecca post linked above links to the full story at Ammoland.

Briefly, someone posted some of Lautenberg’s thoughts on gun control on his Facebook page. And the pro-gun comments just keep rolling in. And the wonderful thing is – they are free!

Going through old clippings, looking for reports on the Cherry Hill Massacre in Lautenberg’s home state, I found a telephone bill from 1969. A ten minute call to my Congressman was $4.10. Forty one cents a minute, without the taxes. That was the equivalent of $25.09 in Obama’s mini-bux. And yes, I was lobbying against another threat to our gun rights.

Today, a Skype call is zip, de nada, regardless of duration. My telephone supplier (NOT AT&T!!) will make a ten minute call to anywhere in the Continental US for 30 2011 pennies. Thirty cents. Fourteen cents less than the current price of a three cent stamp.

Of course, I could just E-mail Congressman Critter and Senators Hippopygous and Callipygous stating my support or objection. But since I would only get an unsatisfactory form letter expressing their concern that I am concerned, I find free or almost free telephone calls much more satisfactory.

Personally, given the price of a telephone call, I would call Lautenberg’s office and express my sentiments. Politely and courteously, of course. I might even try not to slip and call His Majesty Senator Calcipygous. Because Senator Bonyass fits Lautenberg to a T.


“Hippo” is Greek for horse.

“Calli” is Greek for fat or protruding.

“pygeous” is Greek for the part of the anatomy that generally makes contact with a chair.

And I will let you put hippo and pygeous together.


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