Well, this fits the Democrats profile

II have already mentioned the ANTI-Gun party’s habit of paying for likes, and I was not the first. Apparently Alex Jones InfoWars has gotten the message becuase of this:

Since Democrats like Dastardllly Dicky Durban, Slick Schumer, SanFran Nan Pelosi, and others who seem to have little regard for truth the “Slime the President” campaign is all too credible. This is America and we re better than this.


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  1. 2aguy says:


    Did you see that the new democrats in New Jersey are trying to define a high capacity magazine as having 5 rounds……..


    STATEMENT 13 14 This bill revises the definition of “large capacity ammunition magazine” to reduce the number of rounds of ammunition a legal magazine may hold in this State. Under current law, it is unlawful to own or possess an ammunition magazine that is capable of holding more than 15 rounds of ammunition. This bill would reduce the maximum capacity of a legal ammunition magazine in New Jersey to five rounds.

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks, Bill. Links I can always use, if not now, later. But more than six pages to declare that the majority of magazine fed firearms will be requried to be turned into single shots seems a bit excessive.


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