Well, That FNHQ Item Is Actually True

I see FNHQ-NYC has set a new record with two correct sttements in six months. However, this will be eider to understand if I lay the facts out in order.

1.) some 2600 years ago, Aristotle described “Democracy” as “government by the poor because there are so manyh of them.”

2.) The Founders did nto crate a Democracy, but a Republic in which participation in government in the form of voting was reserved for the working and upper classes by means of a property owning provision. No property, no property taxes paid, no vote.

3.) Ideas of “Equality” coming from the French Revolution spurred a slight change, opening the polls to anyone who could pay a poll tax and answer a few simple quesitons, such as “how many bubbles in a bar of soap.”

4.) in 1948, and still a Republic, Northenr Democrats insisted on an end to the poll tax and other measures that made a”A full vote” impossible, Taht proposition was opposed by Southern Democrats who broke from Jackson’s Party and formed the “Dixiecrats.”

5.) in 1962, Republicans led by Senator Everett Dirkson (R-IL) climbed over and stomped on the Dixiecrats and many “Yankee Jackasses” to pass a Civil Rights Act, in effect ending the American Republic and the ending the poll tax and beginning of the Amercian Democracy.

6.) In 2015 a hospitality industry executive named Donald J. Trump ran for President with several platform planks aimed at giving the poor a good start toward gentrification, removing the poor from majority status and making most of the working poor middle class.

7,) President Donald J. Trump has been working to keep his campaign romises, laying a foundation for more and better jobs, and for workers keeping a much higher percentage of their salary. When and if completed, those changes whould sharply reduce the number of Americans belwo the poverty level. limiting if not “rule by the poor” in the United STates.

so FNHQ-NYC is js correct. President Trump has been proven to be a threat to Democracy in the United States. But if the President lives up to his promises, we will still have our guns, our freedoms, and a higher standard of living – with no loss of freedom.

And FNHQ-NYC would be proven correct a second time in recent history. President Donald J. Trump is a threat to Democracy. Which is in turn a threat to freedom.

However, the fake news FNHQ-NYC peddles is far more of a threat than anything President Trump is likely to hand out.


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