Well, Mardi Gras Is History, Tome for plant suds

And with a month until historic Arctic sea ice max, time to stick my head up and look around.

Arctic sea ice measures 13,800 square kilometers, a bit more than Climate Saint Al Gore’s predicted amount for this date. And how much did Saint Al predict? Zero, or 100 percent open water.

Given that mean Arctic air temperature is 255K, -18 C, or 0F, it appears the Arctic is getting a double whammy with extra Asian soot and fly ash, along with inrushes of temperate zone air as cold waves form and head South.

By all reports this has been a bitter winter across much of the northern hemisphere, with the longest stretch of sub 20 nights anyone can remember.

It is up to 38 at the moment, but much of Northern Europe is in the same temperature range. It seems odd for South Mississippi to be colder than Northern Poland.

Anyway, it should warm a bit in the next few days, and I have to call the guy with the span of mules to plow up the potato patch.

The forecast is for cooler and wetter, as cool air will crry less water, and of course the man from NOAA proclaiming the precedent month to hae been the hottest (insert month here) on record.

he does not mention his record only goes back 11 months.


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