Well, It Is Clear The Next Truck Will Not Be A…

We are a “three pickup family” and we lost two of them to the recent tornado. So I have been driving a rental, while the wife has been driving the survivor. It should be needless to say that a pair of new pickups are on my to-do list.

Ford had some interesting trucks, including the popular F-150. But Ford just took itself off the list entirely, by announcing it still plans to build new plants “offshore” to provide vehicles for the U.S. market.

That story is at the link, and enough said on that subject.

Let’s see, foreign companies get the profits, but American workers get the jobs.


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One Response to Well, It Is Clear The Next Truck Will Not Be A…

  1. CBMTTek says:

    US built (or assembled is good enough) is one of two major factors in which car/truck company I purchase from.

    The other, union. If the car company is controlled by the unions, they do not get my money. Full stop. No questions asked. Important to note that I say controlled, not simply unionized. There are a lot of symbiotic union/management relationships where both the workers and the company benefit. The auto industry is NOT one of them. It is a 100% parasitic relationship.

    Unions, especially the auto workers (and the teachers unions), support exactly the types of government that lead to repression of rights, gun confiscation, and eventually tyranny. Want to see more gun control laws? Purchase motor vehicles built by the UAW. (The same factors apply across the board. I will not shop at the grocery store where unions hold sway.)

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