Weather Report: Brrr

Wide variations from the “normal” are normal for the Arctic, largely because of infiltration of warmer air when we have a cold wave in North American and Europe. It is still pretty cold at 221N this April 16, and the network news keeps talking about major blizzards in the northern tgier of States.

Earlier this the Arctic was considerably warmer than the satellite age average, but the Danish Center for Ocean and Ice reports mean temperature is at the 60 year average for the date.

The Arctic ssea ice extent is at 13,351,000 square kilometers, and eyeballing the chart the rate of melt seems a bit slower than it has been in years past. Of course, we have very little sea ice below 80 degrees North due to Asian soot and fly ash from Asian industrial plants reducing the freezing point of sea water so that appears to be one of those expected phenomena.

Even with that, even that loss of low latitude sea ice leaves the overall extent at levels typical of the last few years.

We are a month in to the annual summer melt, so it is much too early to declare a trend, but it would surprise few scientists if the melt rate is slower than it has been since daily measurements became possible.

It would probably be a good idea to add a few pair of long johns to your wardrobe while the stores still have a selection.


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