We Don’t Want Him, And The Brit’s Don’t Want Him Back

The Daily Caller reports a there is a counter-petition at Change dot org urging the British government to refuse to repatriate Piers Morgan.

Briefly quoting the Daily Caller item linked above:

We got rid of him once and why should we have to suffer again. The Americans wanted him so they should put up with him. We washed our hands of him a long time ago,” the introduction to the Change.org petition explains.

The petition, addressed to the British Home Secretary Theresa May simply states: “Stop Piers Morgan from being deported back to the UK from America.”

“Morgan” originally “Piers Stefan O’Meara” was a Sun stringer, and allegedly at least was deeply involved in the News International phone hacking scandal. (Think of ‘reporters’ wiretapping celebs telephones at any time)

I fail to understand why our government will bar a wealthy man who was in a bar fight in ’52 – and allow someone with Morgan’s background to set foot here. But personally I don’t care where he goes as long as he goes.

I would suggest a place with a perpetually hot climate but that would be rude.


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